NATO offers training materials to exhibitors and patrons to educate them on various aspects of the exhibition business.

For cinema owners/operators, NATO is creating an online training module series and sells a 9-volume Training Video Series which stresses the importance of superior customer service and employee training (all nine tapes are available in English and Spanish).

We also offer posters, placards, decals and brochures describing the rating system, available at no additional cost to NATO members. You can order these materials here.

NATO’s Online Employee Training Modules

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NATO is currently developing new internet-based learning modules for release in early 2016.

Modules under development include:

  • Security & Safety (to include emergency procedures)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity & Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Movie Ratings
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Guest Services (to include a description of the various positions within a cinema/cinema company)

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for additional topics.

NATO’s Training Video/DVD Series: ‘It Starts With YOU!’

Orientation: It’s In Your Hands  Outlines basic functions of the movie theatre and explains what each job does and how functions interact.

Box Office: First Impression  Demonstrates that the box office attendant, the first theatre employee the customer meets, plays a key role in creating the first impression. The video underscores accuracy, knowledge of showtimes and accommodations, proper ratings enforcement, and keeping a clean, safe, well-organized box office.

The Usher: You’re The Host  Illustrates the role of the usher as the host (taking tickets and greeting customers), maintaining auditoriums and lobbies in good order, crowd control and safety.

Concessions: the Difference Is You  Shows how organized teamwork is the key to providing fast, accurate and friendly service. It also offers tips on how to effectively sell concession items and a primer on maintaining inventory.

The Rating System: Informed Decision  Explains the rating system and how to enforce it. It addresses each rating category and the intention behind them. Provides information and strategies to allow parents and patrons understand the content of rated movies. Available free online.

Safety And Security: Accident And Incident  Contains important safety tips on how to keep a theatre secure and safe by taking precautions and preventing accidents before they happen. Highlights include instruction on how to prevent crime and what to do if an emergency occurs.

Serving Patrons With Special Needs  Provides service suggestions when assisting patrons regardless of appearance or impairment. Provides practical service accommodations to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Sexual Harassment: Don’t Cross The Line  Advises employees what is and is not appropriate behavior in the workplace. Explains how to determine a problem exists and how to file a complaint.

Sanitation and Food Handling: It’s Germ Warfare  Instructs employees on the proper methods of food handling and preparation. Explains proper theatre and equipment sanitation andcleaning methods.


To order, click heree-mail or call (202) 962-0054. Members order here.


PLEASE NOTE: NATO will be issuing a new internet-based training series in early 2016. We will still honor DVD sales, but at a 50% discount. Once the online modules are available NATO will discontinue the DVD series. 

NATO Members

  • Videocasettes:  $60 $30 per videocassette or $450 $225 for the complete set of eight.
  • DVDs: $25  $12.50 per DVD. $175 $87.50 Complete set. More than 10 sets ($150 $75). More than 10 individual titles($20 $10)

Non- NATO Members

  • Videocasettes: $90 $45 per videocassette or $650 $325 for the complete set of eight.  10% discounts for orders of 10 or more cassettes or sets; 20% discount off orders of 50 or more cassettes.
  • DVDs: $45 $22.50 DVD or $375 $187.50 for a complete set of eight.  DVD Quantity Discounts: More than 10 sets ($350 $175 per set).  More than 10 individual titles ($40 $20 per title).