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Charges dismissed in Twilight recording case; Muvico and Summit release statements

In case you haven’t heard, a young woman was arrested for recording a portion of Twilight: New Moon at Muvico’s Rosemont, Illinois theater. After two weeks of the expected misinformed commentary in the press and on the Internet, the charges were dismissed today. A Twilight fan site notes Summit Entertainment’s reaction: In regards to the… Read more »

Guilty Plea in Va. Movie Theft

You’ll no doubt remember the case of Jhannet Sejas, the young woman arrested for recording a portion of Transformers at Regal’s Ballston Common multiplex in Arlington, Va. She entered a guilty plea. After one year, if she remains out of trouble, her record will be expunged. Threat Level at Wired Blogs has the story. The… Read more »

Good Stealing, Bad Stealing

(Originally posted August 2nd, 2007 @ 10:01 am.) A 19-year-old woman was arrested for recording part of Transformers at Regal’s Ballston Common 12 in Arlington, VA July 17. The Washington Post has the story: Sejas was enjoying the movie so much that she decided to film a short clip of the sci-fi adventure’s climax to… Read more »

Pirate Radio

KCRW’s The Business, hosted by Claude Brodesser-Akner, takes an in-depth look at the ways and means of movie theft on its July 16 broadcast.  The show goes out on the streets of downtown L.A. to purchase illegally camcorded DVDs of Spider-man 3, Knocked Up (it turns out to be Charlotte’s Web) and Ratatouille while they were still in movie theatres,… Read more »